Friday, July 16, 2010


Charlene Thornton hand crafted these fabulous polka dot lampwork glass hearts.  In fact, I made a pair for myself as well as a pair for YOU.  I'm wearing mine right now.  They are wonderfully lightweight and the perfect size to cause people to come up and say "are those hearts???"  I've requested that she transform this pattern into cupcake beads so I'll have those to show you in a bit.

My other friend, Lezlie Belanger, is also making her version of this pattern into cupcakes so it will be fun to see how the two artists differ.  

It's been forEVER since I worked with Lezlie's translucent pink cupcake beads I like to call Pink Lemonade, because, believe me, that pink glass looks exACTly like lemonade!  It's good to have them in the SHOP again.


And lastly, Bindy Lambell's fabulous chocolate pink cupcakes are also back in STOCK.  They have SUCH personality and always uplift me when I see them.  Those pinks against the  They just make me smile.

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