Monday, April 30, 2007

A fresh start for Spring

I freshened my website to bring you bright colors, easier navigation and larger product photos. I had so much fun doing it all that I stayed up until sunrise...I couldn't stop after discovering all the nuances on my control panel.

Now, is there someone out there who doesn't like chocolate? I posted lots of new sweets...cupcake earrings, and amazing tulip sets. And wait until you see what Mickey and Minnie are doing!

So, go shopping and freshen up your wardrobe with chocolate, pastels and flowers. What more could a girl ask for? Come see it all at

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Springtime Roses

Spring is busily blooming across the country and I have gathered fresh, light colors in jewelry that will brighten your life and pull you out of winter.

The pink, green and white in "Springtime Roses" (left) join a smorgasbord of delight that includes Mickey Ears, plenty of pastel cupcakes and three color choices of elegant tulip jewelry. You might even find a few black and red berries, but I'll keep you suspense on that for now.

Youll find it all on Monday, April 30th at

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tulips are in Bloom

For Mother's Day and general springtime jewelry, instead of the usual bouquet of flowers, RockerJewlz has tulip pendants with matching earrings in Red, Blue and Yellow.

These are amazing little beads about 15mm long and 11mm wide which is the perfect size to remain delicate but still pack a punch. Fascination will draw people closer to you when you wear these.

They are currently in production at and will be posted for sale this Monday, April 30th.

Monday, April 23, 2007

It's Cupcake time!

I have lots of cupcake beads to work with this week and they'll all be earrings. I just love these little guys...some are chocolate cake from Bindy Lambell and others are in spring colors by Lezlie Belanger. Either way, they make the sweetest earrings...and they aren't corny looking. Because of their small size, they turn out surprisingly elegant! Some have sprinkles, others just have fluffy frosting. I have a range of colors to go with just about any outfit in your closet.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rain, rain go away!

So....where's the sunshine? We've been spoiled here in parts of California with sunshine, but now that I need to take photos, it just isn't happening! So, since I'm indoors, Spring Rosebud earrings are being can see them here.

The beads from Krissybeads are sooo sweet in pink and green against white. Kris's beads are just a little smaller than what I usually order so all of them are just that...sweet...just like Kris's heart, no doubt.

The Mickey Ears beads are on their way to my studio...what fun those will be to turn into earrings! They'll be perfect for Disney summer vacations. There will only be two sets, so keep YOUR ears open (hee hee) for my email announcement when those are ready.

Until then, have fun shopping on RockerJewlz!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

If it's Tuesday, this must be Napa!

Greetings from "my studio" in Napa. Actually, I'm visiting family that lives in Napa, but since I can haul my jewelry cases anywhere, where ever I am, there is my studio.

It's like a mini resort here. I'm in a house with floor to ceiling windows which sits on a small knoll that is almost completed surrounded by vineyards...but the vineyards belong to a neighbor. We get to enjoy them without being responsible for them!

My first sale since launching my website was the sweet pink pair of "Cherry on Top" cupcake earrings. Yahoo!

The next few days will be spent creating more "perfume bottle" earrings, jewelry for you to purchase for Mother's Day and a variety of earrings for sale at the Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven gift shop in Arroyo Grande, CA.

Stay busy and happy,


Sunday, April 15, 2007


I sent out the RockerJewlz website announcement through three huge email lists...and ooops!...didn't put the addresses in the BCC sorry!

It felt great to receive comments like, "stunning creations", "great flow in the site", "awesome site". At times working the website is more fun than making jewelry! Thanks everyone, and Kandice, you were the first to comment on the blog...see, you are so clever.

Angie at Bead Addicts was inspired by my site to start spotlighting artists each week and chose me as the first cool is that! Click here and then scroll down to read the highlights.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ready, set, go!

Okay, everyone,
Here I go. I just need to create email groups and then I'll be publicly announcing the grand opening of my new jewelry website! Yaaahoooooo!

You'll have fun visiting RockerJewlz often as I enjoy making photo and text changes regularly.
See you there!

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