Saturday, August 4, 2012


 I am SO sorry to not have come back until now!   The good news is I was hired for a full time job.  The bad news is the lack of free time I now have!  It's quite an adjustment to get used to.  What I really want is to just dive into this beautiful home in San Francisco that was recently featured in House Beautiful magazine.  I could sit at the breakfast nook for hours!
My son recently moved into his own place so I'm excited about taking over his old room.  Into it will go the computer desk from our master bedroom which means I get to buy a cool floor lamp from Ikea to illuminate the chair that will be moved from the living room to create a reading space in the master.

Also moving from the living room into the extra bedroom will be my jewelry crafting table which currently hides our fireplace.  Oh man, this is all going to feel so normal!  1,100 square feet works when you have 2 adults and a small child, but not so well for 3 adults.  It will be wonderful to spread out.

I'm not sure when I will see you again here, but my shop is still open, so check back on occasion to see what is new.  

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