Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cupcakes for sale

There's nothing like a batch of fresh cupcakes.
And this is only the beginning!

My glass artist friend, Payton, and I have struck a cupcake collaboration where we put our two heads together to design cupcakes in all sorts of color combinations.

We inspire each other and it really gets exciting. Wait until you see what she's come up with for Halloween!

We extend our invitation of imagination to you...let us know what color combinations you are looking for and we'll do our darndest to accomplish the goal. It's nothing but fun and we can do it all via email or instant messaging from Yahoo.

Come and join the fun and help design your world the way you want least in the cupcake realm.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Around the corner

I know, I know, it's too early for autumn! But you must know that I order beads for you way ahead of the season. While you enjoy summer, I'm busily receiving autumn toned goods to be assembled into autumn beauties for you...and so on for each season.

So, this is just a peek around the corner for you so that you'll know that when you are ready for autumn, I'll be here for you.

A collaboration has been struck between me and a dear bead artist friend so that we can now provide you with custom colors in cupcake beads! If you can dream it, we can probably make it. It's so exciting because it opens a whole new realm of creativity for you as well as the two of us. We're waiting for your ideas...perhaps a special "flavor" you always like in a cupcake or a creative design atop fluffy "frosting" that is so very "you"...just dream and then tell me your desires.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's all about Rainwater

You can see more awesome photos of the "Rainwater" focal on by visiting the "Currently in Production" page.

Payton Jett created kind of a soft explosion of color in this glass heart. It's so wonderful, I am keeping it for myself!

Well, car trouble kept me from visiting the Sonoma bead show...and it's my favorite one and is once a year. Maybe I would have spent too much money???

In the past few months I lost the thrill in my business and not much was happening because of it. I went back to basics and checked the lists I'd made, noticing that several important organizational steps had never been completed. I had steered off track from my basic plan by trying to follow lots of exciting ideas before I was properly prepared to carry them out.

So, I gathered my lists, put them in order and now those ideas are bringing energy and joy back to me as they ruminate in my head once again. It feels good!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sonoma Wine Country Glass and Art Bead Festival

Heart lampwork beads are really catching my eye these days. This beauty is by Grace Ma and was just added to my personal stash but I can order another for you if you like. There's a matching set of lentil shaped beads....kapow! They are awesome.

I have another heart by Payton Jett coming up next. Jaw droppingly beautiful. And no, she's not related to the rocker Joan Jett but would gladly make a bead for her any time!

I'm on my way to the Sonoma Wine Country Glass Art & Bead Festival this weekend. (The name is bigger than the bead show!) It's only a couple of hours from home and I'm pickin' up my sis along the way.

I love this bead show. It's at the veteran's memorial hall so your entry to the show is outside on the lawn. Free parking, free admission, no gate or door to enter. Just out of car and onto the lawn. Something about not walking straight into a convention hall gets you into a great mood. The perfect weather helps too!

Plus you get to see handmade glass beads sparkle in the sunshine.

There are single classes held outside on the back patio and the rest of the show is in two large rooms that are just packed to the gills, but the high ceilings keep even a claustrophobe like me comfy as can be. The building is old so it's got more character to add to the homey feel of this show.

What I like best is it is a BEAD show not a gem show. There are a few of those vendors, of course, but I'd say 80-90 percent are selling beads....ahhhhhh, what more could a girl ask for.

This is the same show where last year another bead addict and I laughed as we joked that we needed to create Bead Addicts Anonymous. Since it's B.A.A. for short, we could make rounds through bead shows bleating like sheep to find one another to help keep us from overspending! Okay, now that I typed that it sounds JUST a little weird....ya had to be there...ya know? Heh, it still made ME laugh.

Until my next heart posting,


Monday, August 6, 2007

A new twist

Wow! What a fabulously shiny set of beads. Normally I work with handmade lampwork glass beads, but once in a while I throw in a twist of something new.

In this case, it's polymer clay by Chloe's Creations. This color combination just wouldn't let me pass it by. Now I have to decide if it will be a necklace or a bracelet.

I've been cleaning up my website behind the scenes to make it more visible during internet searches. My thanks to my buddy know who you are! It won't look any different to the naked eye but it should bring people more directly to the site.

I'm designing a cute email message to send to shops to introduce them to my work. We'll see who wants to carry my goods. Wish me luck.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

How cute is this heart???

I'm picking up heart beads as I find them figuring that before Valentine's Day there will be a mad rush and higher prices.

This one is by Dorrisbeads.

So it's back to basics time for me. Several business ideas I had when I began designing jewelry nearly a year ago were put by the wayside and now I see how necessary they are so I'm taking the time to implement them.

I'm not making much jewelry for autumn so this gives me the time I need to invest in properly setting my website high on the list during internet searches, getting my accounting in order and stop BUYING beads and use the ones I've had for quite a while!

This won't prohibit me from updating or this blog, however, so don't think I'm on hiatus by any means.

Here comes Autumn so keep enjoying summer days while we've got them.

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