Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pluggin' away

These spectacular polymer clay 1 inch pillow beads are by an Israeli artist. They take my breath away...and that's just in the photo! I haven't received them yet and I can only imagine how incredible they will be in person.

I'm just plugging away at custom orders right now. Thanks for visiting.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

The return trip

I'm headed home Friday. Great success was achieved with one shop owner. We collaborated my inventory with her store's apparel. Now I'll create several custom collections for her approval and then I'm "in!"

I've had a great trip cruising stores in the area to see where I can offer to add my jewelry and accessory lines. Several places were great surprises with slightly more upscale apparel than I expected...perfect for RockerJewlz. Now we just have to see if the owners can share my vision.

I planned very little family time and in return, I actually saw all my siblings! See what happens when you don't plan and leave life up to spontaneity? Another wonderful surprise.

I just love my home town....small, cozy, and outrageously beautiful. It's good to know I'm aiming to live here again in a few years.

I also rounded up two sales, three custom orders and will be meeting another potential customer in a few days. Awesome...customers are contacting me, slowly but surely, so it feels good to have response to all my hard work up to now.

The beginning of success is surely sweet.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Personal Stash

Such a pretty handmade heart by LittleCrow Glass Art. I only added a tiny bit of silver to complete this necklace since the heart is quite spectacular on its own.

I'll be visiting shops next week and realized I had very little jewelry of my own, so I've pulled out a few focal beads from my personal stash and am working them into pretty pieces to display my talents to the shop owners.

I'm also dropping off more jewelry at Lightning Joe's so if you are in San Luis Obispo county anytime soon, stop by their shop in the Arroyo Grande village to see my current pieces on display.

It will be nice traveling for business...haven't done that in a while.

Until next week then,


Friday, May 11, 2007

Votes Count

I created this new banner for display on voting sites. When a viewer votes at the bottom of my home page, RockerJewlz moves up the list that shoppers use to find new artists. It's great exposure and only takes a couple of clicks for the viewer to vote. I appreciate all the votes.

There's a beautiful, sparkly green and yellow "Lemon Lime" bracelet on the home page this week. You'll also find an incredible wine stopper on the Extra! Extra! page.

Today I'm working on a special order for Angie and then am off for the weekend. Hope yours is cool and lovely.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Fresh Picked Berries

Whew! Busy week. I've added quite a few earrings to Fresh picked Red and Black berries, Pink Lemonade and a wonderful bracelet with small beads called Ocean Ink. And I'm finishing up an order for lots of earrings that will be delivered to the gift shop at Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven.

I'm also preparing an introduction of my work for winery tasting rooms. It will be interesting to see what the response is to them possibly carrying my jewelry.

A couple of voting boxes have been added to the home page. In just a couple of clicks, you can help make RockerJewlz known to the shopping world. My friend Cindi tells me that when she was there last, I was at the top as the featured

I enjoy manipulating my website more than I ever imagined. I have to pull myself away to actually make jewelry!

Happy weekend to you,

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