Thursday, July 29, 2010

Silvery Moments

I've been loading my MomsArt shop with tons of sterling silver beads.  I've been busier than I have been in a long time and I love it, although, now that I am really working as opposed to listing here and then, I have to remind myself to take breaks or I get pooped!

I've got cones, spacers, headpins and bead caps.  It's a great mix, if I do say so myself, and digging through the ones I haven't seen in a long time has helped me fine tune what I think I would REALLY use with the way I design jewelry these days as opposed to (like when I first started) buying anything just because it is gorgeous.

Can you imagine what I am keeping if I'm not using components like you see here???  This is such a great cache, it's like I get to shop all over again while I thin out my bins!

Most of the silver is sterling from Bali, but I just started poking around in my Karen Hill Tribe stash from Thailand which has a higher concentrate of silver.  I'm able to set fantastic pricing because I've had these beads for a few years and they were purchased just before silver prices began to increase sharply.

I hope you come and see the great items, even if you aren't a buyer, but just to enjoy it as eye candy and to put a little zip in your day! 

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Pretty Things said...

Loooove me some silver!

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