Friday, March 27, 2009

One Week Countdown for My First Cupcake Giveaway

Only one week and one day left to enter My First Cupcake Giveaway! where you could be the grand prize winner of the delicious Rosebud Cupcake Pendant you see in 2nd photo. One week from Sunday 3 prize winners will be announced and it is SO easy to enter and there are up to 22 entries possible per person.

I introduce to you today, The Bunny Queen Pendant. Awesome lampwork glass work here resulted in the softest, sweetest tones of milk white & pink. Look at the pink blush of the ears, lips & cheeks and the ruffles atop the matching basket...just beautiful. Available in my ETSY shop.

Last month during our final rainy weather I visited my Godson's family in Napa. The very quiet Suisun (suss-soon) Valley was bursting with wild mustard. There were huge carpets of it covering hundreds of acres in several area. It was just amazing and the overcast weather seemed to intensify its vivid color.

Here are a few shots of some of those amazing spots...the Suisun Valley guidepost....the construction of a huge house above a creek and a row of sturdy oaks.

I kept pulling over and leaping out of my car with joy at these sights and was so glad that for ONCE I actually HAD my camera with me..haha.

My jasmine is also bursting...out of its buds and I feel so good when I water and mist them each day. I keep waiting for their pungent aroma to fill the night air as that's when they release the most fragrance.

It's a beautiful day today in the bay area so I think I'll just sit in the front patio and soak up some sun.

See you Sunday at noon!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something New

Be sure to click My First Cupcake Giveaway!
I'm trying something new opportunity for you to get your cupcake jewelry right here on my blog!

"I Heart Cupcakes" bracelet will be up for 3 days only, until Thursday at midnight (Pacific time) & ON SALE WITH FREE SHIPPING! First one to email me snags the purchase rights for only $95.

This beauty will arrive gift wrapped in cupcake themed packaging (or heart if you prefer...just tell me in your email) and ships FREE worldwide via USPS first class rate. If mailed to U.S. addresses, this includes insurance & delivery confirmation.
...and keep checking back for new surprises.

What is it about combining pink and orange that makes life so sweet?

Payton Jett's hearts and Megan Ballarini's cupcakes mix beautifully here along with foil lined raspberry pink seed beads and yellow & pink washed bell flowers. Everything I just described is handcrafted lampwork glass so with the addition of the sterling silver spacers and heart clasp, you can enjoy loads of light flowing and sparkling in this piece.

Every bit of this unique bracelet is handcrafted and you'll be sure to draw attention with this simple & elegant jewelry. I will cover the shipping costs for you so that you can enjoy the bracelet even more!

Fits wrists that measure up to 7 1/4 inches (18.3cm). Cupcake and Heart beads 14mmx14mm.

Be sure to refresh this page to see availability before you see "Going, going, gone!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fresh and Clean

What do you think of my new sweet bracelet? It's called Eggy Bunny and I just posted it at RockerJewlz. I love the soft pinks and periwinkles and that center rose colored! You've got to see the rest of the pics so you can experience the sweet pink blush of Bunny's cheeks and ears. Really nice work there.

These colors just make life feel fresh so I thought I'd stay on that tack for the rest of this entry.

My front yard jasmine is just packed with buds ready to burst into their white star shaped blossoms. It seems this year has produced more buds than ever before so it's clear the vines enjoy their home. No wonder the house finches are fighting over them!
Their heady night time fragrance hasn't reached its potential yet and I look forward to it. I won a contest last month. See my prizes at FiberNeed blog. Sanna crocheted me these fabulous prize, what more could a girl ask for, and in my bigfoot size as well...a perfect fit, I couldn't believe it .

They provide just the right warmth too...not like some of my other socks that get too heated up.
You can see my prizes here...the gingerbread pony shaped cookies were crisp and scrumptious. Thanks Sanna!

And lastly, as I perused the catalog recently I had to crack into laughter when I saw this fabulous sign...what a great excuse that could work every long as you use it on fresh victims.

The big Cupcake Giveaway is still going so be sure you have all your entries in so you have a stab at some luscious cupcake earrings, cupcake gloss, and/or terrific hand punched cupcake stickers! I sure am enjoying reading your comments and establishing new friendships with those of you who care to.

Good luck everybody!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cupcakes & Nature

Okay everyone, the Cupcake Giveaway from the previous post is still going strong in it's first of 4 weeks! The next giveaway will be shorter I promise since I've now learned that the first couple of days are when most contestants sign up...lesson learned. Next one will be a week or less.

So today I'm showing you some fun stuff going on in my neighborhood starting with a question:

"Y" did my cucumber have no seeds in its center??? Look at that first picture: I peeled the cuke and sliced it and there was this "y" cutout inplace of funny. I just had to take a photo it was so bizarre!

Speaking of bizarre, spring is SO out of whack this year. For heaven's sake, it started in January here in northern California! We barely had winter but plenty of rain so the

grassy hillsides are incredibly green. Never before have my husband's allergies kicked up in My daffodils were in full bloom in February...okay whatEVER. I'm just takin' it as it comes 'cuz I never KNOW when it's coming.

And now our usual spring birdies are back as well. For nearly 10 years, the bright red chested male house finches

start scamming our front yard's jasmine vines for nesting possibilities. I started hearing him and the female last week along with the Mourning Doves that always visit in spring. The doves love our side fence for its protection and yesterday they were preening there. They are so soft and pretty and I am mesmerized by their sweet eyes soft cooing.

Something I've never experienced before are house finch nesting wars! There was great commotion going on yesterday and when I peeked out the window to hopefully snap some photos I saw 2 mating pairs fighting each other, I assume for nesting rights in the bushy jasmine. The females were slamming into each other and then the pairs would take off on a chase, but I could still hear them continuing their fight throughout the neighborhood before returning to our yard...and doing it all over again...quite violent but really funny.

The star jasmine just began blooming this week. I so look forward to their deep and heady fragrance that is only released at night.

I'd love to hear the strange and early nature twists are YOU experiencing in your neighborhood.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My First Cupcake Giveaway


***Winners announced Sunday April 5 by noon Pacific time***

My first giveaway starts today and runs through April 4th with 3 winners announced April 5th via the use of Prizes are a blend of my jewelry Etsy shop, RockerJewlz & paper craft shop, MomsArt. 22 points possible to win fun cupcake goodies so be sure to check them ALL out. Giveaway is open worldwide to everyone who leaves their email in some form, either typed in a comment or automatically noted via your entry venue (Blogger, etc). Gotta have your email to tell you if you are a winner!
The grand prize package features a pink handcrafted lampwork glass cupcake pendant & my hand punched cupcake stickers in my most popular "Paris Chic" paper pattern.
The second winning package features a cupcake pot of chocolate lip gloss and 2 sizes of my cupcake stickers in solids & patterns.

And last but not least, the third prize is a fabulous set of my "Girly Girl" stickers in fun shapes like high heels, purse, comb, pair of sunglasses, mirror and lips in pink solids & patterned papers.
Note for you: All your entries can be left in one comment if you like.
2 entry methods give you 1 point WHEN YOU LEAVE A COMMENT telling me you: a) Responded to my poll...b) Became a follower of this blog...1 point for emailing me with YOUR email HERE to receive my newsletters announcing future giveaways, sales, and special deals. Please use "NEWSLETTER" as the subject. Total possible points for the above: 4

You get 4 points, WHEN YOU LEAVE A COMMENT after visiting each of my Etsy shops RockerJewlz and/or MomsArt telling me what your favorite items are or how you would like to customize an item to make it your own, whether it's changing a mix of colors or designing your very own cupcake beads. If you can dream it, I have independent glass bead artisans at the ready to attempt to make your dream beads come true. Total possible points: 8

And finally, 2 methods earn you 5 BIG FAT POINTS:

a) WHEN YOU EMAIL ME HERE that you announced this giveaway on your own blog, including a hyperlink back to this giveaway.
b) WHEN YOU PURCHASE ANY ITEM(s) from either shop you receive a 20% DISCOUNT AND FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! BE SURE to type the code GIVEAWAY in the "Note To Seller" portion before submitting the order so it counts! (Once you make payment I will refund you via Paypal for the discount & shipping). Total possible discount/ship savings: 30%!!! Total possible points: 10

How to leave a comment: Click on "Comments" and it will take you to a box where you can leave a comment. If you do not have a blogger account, you may leave a comment using "Anonymous", but make sure to leave your first and last name and then click "Publish Your Comment".

Have fun, and thank you for participating and good luck!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Win My Fabulous Free Stuff!

I'm putting together my first fabulous giveaway which will start at noon Pacific Time on Monday, March 9. Be sure to come back to enter for Cupcake themed fun. There will be several ways to be one of 3 winners!

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