Saturday, November 7, 2015

Oh my gosh, I figured out how to get on my blog with my OLD login, woohoo!  This might mess up my previous post, but hopefully not.

Happy Autumn, Everyone!

Moving a couple of times and family issues have kept me from blogging for a couple of years, so you can imagine what it means for me to be right HERE, right NOW.

Still don't have a studio setup but that's okay.  I'm not ready to start crafting jewelry yet, but I ponder on it and look forward to returning to it at some point.

For now, my life is all about happiness and health.  I joined a nearby gym and wish their outdoor pool was indoor so I could swim year round.  Too windy and cold to be wet.  I much prefer bundling up in this type of weather when outdoors.

So, it's time for pulling out sweaters and storing tee shirts....good books by the fire, and visiting and being even more grateful for those we cherish.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm here, I really am.  I moved in the winter of 2013 and then again in May 2014.  Still unpacking boxes, etc., and disovering the area.

My plan is to have my studio setup by end of summer, beginning of autumn to create new jewelry designs, destash a whooooole bunch of beautiful beads, silver and findings.  A clean, more minimal studio will be in play to stir new creative ideas.

I did learn a couple of seed bead designs in a class at a fabulous local bead shop I found soon after moving.  I was frustrated with the bracelet (above) at first, but once I created 3 units in the repeated pattern I loved it.  The best part was it is light and inexpensive since there is no sterling silver.

I have a second style to try once my studio is up.  THIS weekend I'll be clearing the studio of boxes but am being challenged with finding the right table. 

So I hope you'll stick with me, because I will be back and in a new creative format.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cupcake Heaven

I have been amazed that over the past several months
I have had a very difficult time locating independent glass artisans
who create lampwork cupcake beads.

There used to be an overwhelming number
and now I have to search for months 
to find the level of quality I desire.

Thank the heavens for

Alexandra Figueira

who crafted the beauties above!

I found these latest beads while searching Etsy.

They are BEYOND what I normally find so I am intensely happy

about the level of detail in each portion of the the cupcakes. 

Jewelry designed with these beauties coming soon!

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