Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Metal Clay

I received my 2 books on learning how to work with metal clay in order to produce silver pieces. I'm so excited! It looks like it will be a lot of fun. I still await my torch, the clay itself and some special tools. A small investment for releasing my creative urges.

It will be awesome to add silver to my bead stash to help you display your own special flair with RockerJewlz jewelry designs. What a team we will make!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back to school for me

As I mentioned in the past, I've discovered that I'm working backwards in developing jewelry lines. I now understand why business plans are important. I had lots of ideas when I started a year ago and then veered off the path in excitement. Now I find I have to go "back" and learn techniques that will provide a much needed unique flair to RockerJewlz.

Time for me to get some book learnin'. I've long had the desire to learn to work with fine silver, so for a while I'll be in school, so to speak. I'm awaiting a couple of books that will teach me to work with fine silver using art clay and am having a rather tough time finding books on Viking or Knit silver. This is an interesting method by which you wind soft, fine silver around pegs and then "draw" it through a series of progressively smaller holes in order to end up with a chain.

I also await wire mesh ribbon that will add depth and shape to my creations, so, while I await books and supplies, I'll be mixing in some jewelry to add to as well as Etsy but wanted you to know that I'm mainly focusing on the learning for now.

Hopin' for an A+ in these areas...stick with me and you'll be rewarded with beautiful jewelry.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ever changing

I feel a change coming on. The artist deep within me is growling to be released and is slowly rising to the surface.

I need to slip out of stagnancy and design what my heart and soul guide me to create. Through the suggestion of a dear friend, I've returned to sketching my ideas.

I haven't sketched in over two decades and when revisiting past work, was pleasantly surprised at my talent such as the ink dot piece you see here. I also ordered a smooth drawing pad to use with colored pencils.

I expect my jewelry designs to slowly become more elaborate and uniquely RockerJewlz in style. I've been producing what I call "safe" designs the past year with small sales to very happy customers.

Now I want to reach the jewelry lovers I originally dreamed of...those with a little more flash, flair and style while still maintaining my current loyal fans.

Stay with me on my journey.
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