Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Jazz in Spring

Last month I showed you the first jasmine flowers on the vine in my front yard. (Former post) It is a month later now and the 8 foot strip that runs along my fence from entry gate to front door is in full bloom...but it's really just getting started!

Look at all the flowers above...and all of the plump pink buds below just waiting to explode!

I just love knowing that when I water and mist them each day that I'm part of this amazing burst of life.

Believe me, I don't NEED to water daily. These guys have found a water source that keeps them alive year round without my help. I just like to give them the extra water since they are working so hard to put on this pretty show. Don't they look wonderful shining white through the dappled sunlight?

I sat in this yard this morning with my coffee and newspaper and enjoyed breathing in their heavy scent. Ahhhh, spring.

What do you enjoy most in YOUR garden?

1 comment:

Bella Sinclair said...

I adore these pink jasmine! My parents have one in front of their house, and I was blown over by their incredible display of color and fragrance. An explosion is the perfect word for it. WOW!

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