Friday, February 19, 2010

All that Jazz-mine

Here in northern California, we've had nearly a week of great weather after several weeks of mostly rain. We don't get snow where I live, so rain is as intense as it gets here, and we had more than usual, thank goodness. I didn't water my
jasmine for over a month, yet the roots found a source of nourishment which resulted in the first blossom on Monday.

One corner of the vine has the first cluster of blooms. The fragrance is wonderful and most intense at night for this Star Jasmine.

This little group of flowers is just on the other side of the fence so my neighbor can enjoy them too.

My bonus today as I was photographing the flowers was a fabulous spider web full of drops from a brief rain shower.
It's amazing that what looks like a delicate webbing could stretch like a hammock under the weight of the water and still keep itself together!

I also heard a couple of house finches chirping to one another in the beginning of their quest for the best nesting area of these vines. I have 2 sections of it and recently cut their favorite one waaaay back thinking it was early enough to grow back for their nesting dates, but they are scoping the area out early this year. Last year, 2 mating pairs fought over the same section of vines so one pair is smarter this time around.

Any hints of spring yet where you live considering 49 states in the union recently had snow at the same time???

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Nicki said...

hi, over at the german side of the world, we had a warm day today - 7 degrees C - which I think is 46 degrees F. I can't tell you how jealous I am - I just love jasmin - but they don't grow here. I need to move.

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