Thursday, April 8, 2010

Into the Piggy Bank

Cash flying into the piggy bank this week since I helped my son with his first tax return ever. Geez, how many lines were there between the federal form and the state? Over 150 in total! Had to back him up a few times as he tried to whiz through what he needed to read and decide on for each line....sheesh. All that for less than $100 in returned cash to his piggy bank. Glad THAT only occurs once a year.

It was frustrating knowing that he had the least info possible to fill in (since he hardly earned anything) but knowing that he had to learn to carefully fill the forms because if there is an error, oh how the government would love to hunt you down!

But, it's all done now and I figure he has a more serious understanding of it, so all's well...whew!

For those of you having glorious almost summer like weather, I'm with you on that! For those of you under water or still under snow, I'm thinking of you too, knowing you'll soon join us. Keep your heads up.

1 comment:

Pretty Things said...

We DID have summer weather, but now it's back to cold!

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