Friday, April 30, 2010

Cupcakes Gone Wild

Happy Friday. I realized today that I've been so busy this week with my Cupcake Contest that I've just been pumping out updates here and not really talking to you much....and I know how you like it when I talk. So first, I will say that wowie zowie, isn't this bangle bracelet wild? I've had those transparent discs for a long time and their color is so unique that I've been waiting to mix them with just the right beads...and these are it! I had fun with the wire wrapping which I don't often do. The details and more pics can be found HERE.

I've made more jewelry this week than usual and it's been motivating, even if it is all cupcake related. I mean, there are millions of bead styles out there, but I still keep coming back to being the most amazed by cupcakes. And oh my gosh, wait until you see the ones that are coming to my studio!

I found a "new" glass for me, anyway. She only posts new beads a couple of times a month and when looking through her website gallery I saw cupcake beads unlike any I'd seen before. They have different detail than I'm used to and was awed by them. I emailed her letting her know my love of cupcake beads and her particular style and she said she was making some this weekend, and what colors would I like to see her work with!

Yep, she's giving me first dibs on them and I consider myself very lucky. Even I don't know what they are going to look like yet but I know they'll be awesome.
My color requests and her glass's going to be a great mix, I just know it. There is nothing more exciting than collaboration.

So, in other news around here, baby house finches are chirping like crazy when they are hungry...and WHEN are they NOT hungry! Man, the are the most insistent shortly after sunrise. For a tiny bird they sure make themselves known in the neighborhood.

Okay, was that enough chatter from me? I hope so. Tomorrow is the last day for contest entries so if you haven't done all you can, remember you can have at least a dozen of them for yourself!

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