Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cupcakes in Batches

Oh man, these are so pretty. I finally got down to work on these new cupcake beads I've been showing you. These are only 2 of the styles...and I have TWELVE more different styles to show you! One even has an ocean theme...amazing.

Many of them have these fabulous sterling silver ear hooks that have CZ (cubic zirconium) crystals in them so that gave me one more dimension of color to work with along with the Swarovski crystals that top each cupcake.

I mean, just look at all those rosebuds...weeeeeee! Now, please be aware that the glass artist doesn't often make these so I snagged as many as I could and will be rolling out more next week.

I'm going to visit family for the next three days and won't be able to post more earrings until Sunday or Monday. You can see more photos and details HERE.

Have a good weekend.

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