Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reach out and touch

I keep checking email today to hear back from my friends, but alas, no responses yet so I'll just reach out and talk to you instead.
I like my energy with my new schedule although I haven't yet repeated my first two perfect days on it. But I aim for it daily and am happy that when work hours are over, they are over and I move onto taking care of my family and the household stuff.

My friend Lisa came over to learn about possibly selling on Etsy and her gift to me were 3 big amazing sunflowers! I had just recently visited my sister in the country and we drove by a huge sunflower meadow but just 2 days before, Sis said, all the flower heads dropped to face the ground to go to seed...waaahhhhh I the surprise of these sunflowers was wonderful and well timed.

I visited a Japanese $1.50 store called Daiso yesterday...didn't know it was only 4 miles from my house until Sandy told me...thanks Sandy! It's filled with all kinds of little goodies and only a few are over $1.50...tons of decorative dishware so if you need bento boxes or chopsticks or rice bowls there is an endless array. I got the little tin you see in the photo and it's the perfect size for my business cards just as I'd hoped.

Sandy said she won't go with more than a $20 bill on her first visit so I had to just laugh when I looked at my receipt and minus the tax I had spent exACTly $20...funny.
It's just beautiful today. The bay area is finally back to blue skies, mid-70's temps and a cool breeze. For a while I felt like I was living in smoggy China or the achingly heated central valley! The weather over the past three years has taken us away from our very predictable, awesomely fantastic mid-range temperatures...I mean you just don't have central a.c. in my area because until recently we just didn't need it. Now, hop over the hills and 20 minutes away you better hope you have a.c.!

But not here and not in my amazing home town of San Luis Obispo, CA. Gosh, during summers there it was guaranteed fog until 11 a.m. and until 3 p.m. you just soaked up sun in your swimsuit or shorts but were always armed with warmer clothes in case you didn't make it home to change when the fog rolled back in and the cold air swirled through downtown shops.
A light sweater in the evening and you were good to go.

So it's taken me two very weird hot summers to finally accept that when we get incredible days like the ones we used to take for granted, they are a grand blessing indeed.
Well, I think I got my chat fix. Be sure you check out my previous Iron Cupcake Earth post if you want to win spectacular cupcake prizes being added to the ever growing cache and come back soon because I'm just about to hit my 100th blog post!

Thanks for lettin' me chat atcha.

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Just Me said...

you're too funny! thanks for reading and visiting my blog, friend! Sweet of ya....and don't forget to put in your best guess for TODAY's Freebie Friday! Happy weekend!

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