Friday, July 25, 2008

Workin' It

Do you see this SOLID FINE silver cupcake??? Yep, that's just what you are looking at...not sterling silver and not just a silver cupcake but a solid, not hollow awesome hunk 'o silver at .999 fine silver quality.

Isn't it spectacular? Payton Jett of the Green Glass Cafe toiled over this precious metal clay that when fired, turns to .999 fine silver. She shaped the entire piece by hand creating realistic cupcake lines and frosting. It's quite a wonder.

This is just one of the many pieces of jewelry I've designed this week after reorganizing my studio and family time. I completely flip flopped what was not working before and when I finally calculated the best way to structure my day to achieve balance, within 2 days it's just become awesome.

Here's what I am doing: rising early and enjoying my morning coffee all by my wee self and preferably out in my small and shady front yard the sun has not yet reached. I listen to the birdies and do a little reading and enjoy the peace that exists before the nearby condo construction resumes for 12 hours...seriously.

Then I eat a light breakfast and head out for my 45 minute walk...used to enjoy this before sunset but figured it was probably the main reason for

unnecessary night time snacking & later bed time.
And when I get back home? It's straight to work and I'm really ready by then...revved up and excited about achieving my jewelry goals.

I design pieces, calculate their cost in
a very cool little black journal and photog them. This takes place until noon, so it's usually about 3-4 hours. Then my husband comes home for lunch and after that I'm ready to do laundry, errands, get some groceries or putter around up to dinner time.

I used to run around unTIL noon on errand days and then hung out until I fixed dinner (early for us...about 4pm so I'd start at 3) and then just wouldn't feel like working at night.

It just wasn't a productive time and for some reason it took a while to figure out the reasons. But I'm on track now and the first two days were just perfect and I created 12 small pieces, 3 of which you see here.

Megan Ballarini (cool name, huh?) custom designed Minnie's body bead and Carrie McKinney, the custom ordered Minnie head with pink bow. It's a pendant that has matching earrings. And the fabulously talented Lezlie Belanger crafted the Cherry Cupcake.

All of these pieces and more are being listed on, one or two a day over the next 5 days. Oh man, wait until you see the Luscious Ice Cream Sundae's on Etsy right now!

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Fresh Bliss said...

That's exactly what I need to do! Organize my time better b/c I don't like to try to make items when I'm sleepy or tired, but I also have to wash clothes, get ready for the 9 to 5 work week, clean house. I'm single with no kids but I sometimes work 6 days a week and I have to admit, I don't always schedule my time wisely!! But I love the silver cupcake and Minnie. So intricate and cute!

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