Friday, December 21, 2007

Wait, it's autumn???

Yep, it's still is the last day, ha ha. So I'm providing you with a final blast of autumn color from the zinnea in my front yard...ahhhhhh, nice.

My husband has 10 days off starting tomorrow. He works incredibly long hours to provide me and my son with a pretty cushy life. As soon as I'm featured on Oprah for my jewelry, I'm sure he'll be able to retire and assist me in designing RockerJewlz jewelry. Now, if I can just get Oprah to call me! Hmmm......

I got ZudaGay's polymer clay pendant featured in December 14th's blog. It is sooo awesome! Seeing it 3d and in person provides a level of detail a photo just can't capture. It will be so fun to work with it. I also ordered the custom one you see above...blues, purples, and pinks are my favorite colors for my wardrobe.

Only four days until Christmas, gang. I have two gifts left to work on as they are handmade. I'm glad I left them until now instead of leaving shopping to the last minute.

Oh, broken toe update (see Dec. 18 blog)...feeling MUCH better but I'm still being careful and hobbling about!

Quote for today: "It is necessary to have unnecessary things"...from the film "Life is Beautiful".

Merry Christmas.

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