Friday, December 7, 2007

It's getting close...

Once again, Payton Jett makes such beautiful beads there's little reason to enhance them.

These are my Ornamental Reds, available on Etsy under the username RockerJewlz.

I realized today that since I'm going to my family's annual Christmas celebration that I had to hustle to get some jewelry made!

Each year, my side of the family gets together a couple of weeks before Christmas. That way we can all make it and then spend the actual holiday with in-laws. It's something we've been doing over 30 years and it's a wonderful tradition with silliness, seriousness, gifts and food. Oh yum, 5 of us kids each bake one specialty my mom used to make all by herself each year. Now that she's gone, we keep these treats coming because that's what is desired more than the gifts!

All that's left now is wrapping gifts and packing the car...and yeah...sleeping! I'm the designated one to get to the party house early and help set up. My sister and her family always do awesome decorations so it will be fun to get in on that.

So, I'll be back Monday and have 2 cupcake bracelets in in chocolate caramel and the other in red velvet...again, all by Payton. Ain't she grand?

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Cakespy said...

Sweet beads! :-) Can't wait to feature you on Cakespy!

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