Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The music in me

Another awesome bead by Payton Jett was requested specially by me for my sister in the music biz. See the little music notes?

The colors are just spectacular in Psyche and Silver Plum glass. Purples, blues and greens are present and I set it up so the bead spins freely.

On Etsy, my Purple Drama bangle bracelet had over 200 hits in one day on Monday!!!! It must have been in someone's treasury that was featured, thus it would have been on the home page of Etsy and highly visible. That was exciting...never had that many hits before.

As soon as it gets too late to send purchases by Christmas, I'll be focusing on marketing strategies to gain more exposure for RockerJewlz and making lots of snappy Valentine heart jewelry. I bought a lot of lampwork hearts this year and they range from cutesy to total drama, so I look forward to seeing which ones become most popular.

I'm enjoying sunshine in the San Francisco bay area today although the temps are very cold for us...sometimes not above 50 degrees. When you live where it never snows, that is a LOW
temperature, gang!

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