Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Giveaway!

RockerJewlz has a sweet holiday giveaway going on PLUS a special gift for you.

The gift is that from today, December 7 through 15, all jewelry orders shipped to U.S. addresses will not only have the usual insurance & delivery confirmation coverage but will receive a complimentary upgrade to priority rate! This means that instead of waiting up to 5 delivery days plus the 3 days for Paypal to clear the bank, you should receive your packages within a week and most likely less…nice surprise, huh? And I will happily ship it directly to your gift recipient if you prefer.

And to top that off, for every item purchased in my Etsy shop through December 31st at, you will receive an entry into my holiday giveaway. The prize is your choice of any pair of earrings OR pendant available in the shop (not limited to cupcakes this time as in the past)…and TWO of you will be winners, woohoo! Now that is something to celebrate on Sunday, January 3rd, when the winners will be randomly drawn.

For more chances to win, here is how you can easily get extra entries. Just follow these TWO guidelines:

1. You MUST email me with the url where you announce the RockerJewlz Holiday Giveaway and be sure to include info on how your readers they can find my blog announcement at Any public website is fine with me (i.e. your blog, website, Twitter and Facebook) but I have to be able to GO there to see it so be sure to include it.

(To reach my email address, go to the left side of this blog, find “A little about me”, and at the bottom of it, “view my complete profile”.)

2. The email MUST include the url, AND your name AND street address (otherwise, how will I mail your prize if you win?).

3. Go shopping with me on Etsy to see what you will choose as your prize! Could this giveaway be any easier?)

In addition, I now have plenty of cupcakes on 18 or 20 inch sterling silver chains.

Have fun shopping and I’ll talk to you after the New Year with the winner announcements,

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