Friday, December 18, 2009

I remember so clearly...

My son turns 22 today. I remember so clearly the day he was born that it is amazing...considering how much I forGET these days! At my current age, my mom already had her first 2 grandchildren and my son is only now preparing to move away from home (at the same age as I did). I am also 9 years older than my mother was when she had a 22 year old child (me) so she was still sharp as a tack. My poor son has had to deal with my feebling old mind since he was 17! (I'm sure he'd say it was longer than that).

It is really tough to NOT tell a child the story of his birth day...think of poor Billy Crystal's character in "City Slickers" whose mother called him every year after midnight to recant...once AGAIN...his birth story...geez! Well, I will just enjoy the fact that I still have my darling just-turned-4-years-old nephew with whom I can share childhood with. I visited him and his mommy & daddy for a sugar cookie holiday bake fest this week. I stayed overnight and gosh, it was so much fun watching him roll, cut, and decorate. It was funny because he only wanted the pumpkin cookie shape...and would only DECorate the pumpkin shapes!

They turned out messy, pretty, yummy and crumbly...mmmm...nom, nom, nom. In my own home, the three of us just did not feel like going through all the Christmas tree doings so I just strung lights on the stair bannister instead.

Some of the best gifts I received at our family celebration were copies of my mom's special recipes, written in her beautiful penmanship, AND her and my dad's wedding bands since Dad has remarried and Mom passed away in 2002. I am so happy that her ring fits on my pinky so I can wear it next to my own wedding band. Man, her ring is a real wide hunk of gold, with minute scratches but no warping. Not bad for 50 years of wear on a 14 karat ring. Nice to have her "with" me daily.

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