Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Comin' up Cupcakes

I've not seen this fabulous purple striped cupcake PILLOW before! I discovered it at but it was out of stock and the bed linens are on clearance so who knows if it will ever come back.

But I found it again at for less than $13 and it measures 9x9x11 inches and is velour. Purple is one of the two colors for RockerJewlz and Cherry on Top earrings are my biggest sellers so this pillow really pulls that all together.

Now, I design elegant cupcake jewelry and love just about anything cupcake but try to never get too corny about it...but this pillow just called my name and I had to get it. It's not like it will go with my bedroom decor or anything but a friend mentioned it could make an excellent jewelry or confetti prop.

And check this out: you can order it online and if you live in the right area, it will be shipped to your local store FREE where you can pick it up.
We'll all find out together how I end up using it.

On a separate cupcake issue, I had a heck of a time finding appropriate sterling bails from which to hang pendants and charms I've begun adding to my jewelry line. There are a lot of heavily detailed ones but they really distract from the cupcake bead.

I finally scored some real beauties so be on the lookout for those at &

The pendant above is the Cherry on Top pendant atop my hand punched cupcake confetti & stickers, available at

Okay, I'm starting to sound like a commercial. I'll move on by saying I've got an inside scoop of some really fun non-edible cupcake goodies (the only hint you get for now) that will hopefully be available in the September/October time frame if all goes well.

So, check back for updates on that and meanwhile, eat yourself a cupcake.

1 comment:

Marianna said...

lol! my almost 3 yr old was sitting next to me when I was reading this post and he started rubbing his tummy saying "Mommy, yummy,I'm hungry, I wanna eat that!" :)

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