Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Little handmade glass bluebells are on their way to the studio. It's going to be fun to make one final piece for spring even though we're nearly at the end of the season. Since they are blue, they could sneak their way through summer too.
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My stay in Napa is going great, although today was just incredibly hot. I heard it was this way all over the bay area, so I wasn't alone.

I visited shops in Napa valley and found several that do not carry lampwork. It was exciting to find no lampwork because that either means it is either unknown or unwanted in the area. You KNOW I'm voting for unknown.

I thought objectively and believe my jewelry would be a perfect addition in several of the stores based on the style of apparel available.

Now I just need to gently convince the buyers they need my goods! Wish me luck.

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