Saturday, October 23, 2010

Music & Snowflakes

Here are the beads I promised to show beads with sheet music lines that are thinner than any stringer work I've ever seen on a bead! The artist is Saskia McKenzie-Fisher and she's not only talented but very sweet as well. She made other sets in a pale pink glass and also in blue. I am so excited to get these into a bracelet. My husband said I just have to keep them for myself since they are so spectacular. I'm waiting for a few more of those small rosette rounds and once I get them and assemble the bracelet I'll show you pictures.

Here is the Pink Snowflake bracelet I completed this week that is all pink and white glass with a beautiful Rose Swarovski crystal and sterling silver tab style clasp. The dangling bead is a fabulous scrolled egg shape that is a star all by itself.

On my next blog post, I'll show you the final music note bracelet and (fingers crossed) the beginning of the new cupcake jewelry line I mentioned in the past.

Until then,

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Bella Sinclair said...

Such a beautiful and delicate shade of pink! Marvelous. That scrolled egg bead is absolutely gorgeous, and the crystal is an excellent touch! Wow, this is a gorgeous bracelet!

And now I'm hungry for some French onion soup. You know, I had no idea Trader Joe's sold frozen soups. You know where I'm headed tomorrow. :)

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