Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fresh Face Beauty Tip

Here is my beauty tip for today: if you have less than 5 minutes to 'put on your face' these are the steps & products I've found the best to look refreshed....

1. IF you need foundation & concealer, put it on.

2. Use your blusher for ALL your color...cheeks, lips and under the brow bone. Don't freak out...if it's a good color for your cheeks, it's the right color for your entire face. Really...try it!

3. If you need eyebrow pencil, put it on.

4. Dab clear or tinted gloss over the color on your lips.

5. And finally, apply at least one coat of mascara.

These steps won't make you look made up, but simply clean and fresh and in 5 minutes or less, no matter what your age.

1 comment:

Regina said...

Nice tips, thank you. I keep my make up to a minimum... what you see is what you get kinda gal.

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