Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evening in Paris

I know I've been posting a lot of cupcakes, especially for my Think Pink breast cancer awareness series (I'm donating a portion of every sale of pink jewelry to research).

This color combination for "Evening in Paris" is so different from my other cupcakes, I just had to show you. In the popular Parisian triple color theme of pink, black & white, it's just fabulous, especially when suspended from this hand dyed silk ribbon.

I decided I should be making necklaces rather than just pendants after a mini survey of family and friends today. As one sister said, "I want the whole enchilada!". This way it's a completely finished piece, and the pendant can always be purchased separately if you prefer. I just ordered some sterling silver ball chain as an alternate to ribbon if that is your heart's desire.

You know...this frequent blogging isn't difficult like I thought it would be. Short bursts of info and excitement beats long waits in between long posts. I'm glad I changed my ways.

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