Monday, May 4, 2009

"Fully Loaded" Cupcake Bracelet

Here she is, the "Fully Loaded Cupcake Bracelet" and I just love it. The turqouise in the polymer clay cupcake bead is a little closer to the glass turquoise cube color but didn't photograph very deeply. I've got so many goodies in here! Glass swirled disks, bell flowers with Swarovski crystal centers, freshwater pearls and loads of sterling silver including a fabulous open heart with a pink crystal center. The base is a sterling silver chain so this is kind of a very fancy charm bracelet if you will. I've got it listed in my RockerJewlz Etsy shop. Here's a closeup...
Did any of you have an idea it would turn out this way? Okay, so now that your curiosity has been quenched and I can say "whew!" that project is over...what next? I'd like to work with some hummingbird clay beads I got but I'll see which ones inspire me the most. I have a glass artist friend that deserves a gift so I'll be working on that as won't know who you are until you receive it! I'll be happy to show everyone once it's completed.

And now for the "goings on" in my yard, we have doves that visit each spring and this year's pair is so comfortable that one of them let's us get reaaaaally close. Most of the time I don't even SEE them until they suddenly fly away because I'm almost on top of them! They love to fluff their feathers and rest on the brick that warms in the sun as in the photo below. They let me snap pic after pic too which makes it a lot of fun for me.
Lastly, my neighbor has Bird of Paradise flowers blooming in her rear yard and this one looks like it's trying to peek over the fence into my yard. I have to remember to photograph it through to its full bloom. Doesn't "she" look like a creature of some sort? I love it.
I'll have a newsletter announcement towards the end of the month so be watching for that and I'll be back as soon as I can with another beauty for you to go "ga-ga" over.


Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

How pretty! I love the colors you used.

Bella Sinclair said...

Wow! That is one sparkly bracelet! It sure is fully loaded. :D Gorgeous!

I like how both your birds are posing for you. The bird of paradise slowly rising to take a peek is hysterical.

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