Thursday, May 14, 2009

Comfort & Fab Fibers

Check out this wonderful giveaway for some amazing beads from Blu Healer Glass that Fab Fibers is sponsoring by clicking "Fab Fibers".

Had a cup of coffee with my sweet friend, Lisa, today. Hadn't seen her in several months and she had ordered a pair of my Signature earrings and wanted to peek at some cupcake jewelry. I made it fun for her and took my entire container of cupcake beads for her to "shop" through...thought it would be a lot more fun than just looking on line! It was so nice to chat about families and get generally caught up on what we are doing. We need to do it more often, but doesn't that always seem to be the case?

I get to see my other friend, V, next week for lunch and a movie. Wolverine, baby! I could use a tough Hugh Jackman fix. I've seen him recently on quite a few talk shows and he looks so clean and is funny and sweet and glorious to look at, but he is NOT Wolverine in real life...funny, that. I need his gritty, clawing side. Yum.

So we finally got a new umbrella since the previous one was comPLETEly thrashed. Our local hardware store had this 9 footer for $49! It's not the heavy duty canvas type (which cost 3x as much) but it cranks open which I like and it can be angled. If we keep our bricks cool and shady, it helps keep the bottom floor icy cool in hot weather. Isn't it pretty here with our bistro table & chairs and the jasmine vine in the background. Nice!

I will be visiting my Godson in Napa next week, so I'm not sure when I'll post next, but be assured, there is my friend's surprise bracelet yet to show you (think Paris colors: pink, black & white) and I should have a new piece assembled by then for you to purchase as well.

Stay cool.


Polka Dot Moon said...

Love catching up with the girls over a cup o' joe!

I can't tell you how many umbrellas we've gone thru! And I live in the's so weird, but they've all been ruined by wind!!! One actually wound up on our roof.

Enjoy Napa :) I used to live in Benicia and take Napa drives with my very colicky son :)

RockerJewlz said...

Umbrella bases used to have a hole and pin that would hold the umbrella securely but don't see them now. Our smaller umbrella once was in our neighbors yard, which means the wind had to pick it up and sail it over the fence between us....but you top me on distance by having a roof landing! LOL

Good idea on the least you got to see some pretty sites while you quieted him AND your mind!

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