Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fresh and Clean

What do you think of my new sweet bracelet? It's called Eggy Bunny and I just posted it at RockerJewlz. I love the soft pinks and periwinkles and that center rose colored! You've got to see the rest of the pics so you can experience the sweet pink blush of Bunny's cheeks and ears. Really nice work there.

These colors just make life feel fresh so I thought I'd stay on that tack for the rest of this entry.

My front yard jasmine is just packed with buds ready to burst into their white star shaped blossoms. It seems this year has produced more buds than ever before so it's clear the vines enjoy their home. No wonder the house finches are fighting over them!
Their heady night time fragrance hasn't reached its potential yet and I look forward to it. I won a contest last month. See my prizes at FiberNeed blog. Sanna crocheted me these fabulous prize, what more could a girl ask for, and in my bigfoot size as well...a perfect fit, I couldn't believe it .

They provide just the right warmth too...not like some of my other socks that get too heated up.
You can see my prizes here...the gingerbread pony shaped cookies were crisp and scrumptious. Thanks Sanna!

And lastly, as I perused the catalog recently I had to crack into laughter when I saw this fabulous sign...what a great excuse that could work every long as you use it on fresh victims.

The big Cupcake Giveaway is still going so be sure you have all your entries in so you have a stab at some luscious cupcake earrings, cupcake gloss, and/or terrific hand punched cupcake stickers! I sure am enjoying reading your comments and establishing new friendships with those of you who care to.

Good luck everybody!


Hot Rocks said...

Very pretty spring like bracelet! Cute bunnies.

RocknRollMachine said...

Thanks for the lovely first comment! It made me feel very welcome and just when I was thinking to myself "What the heck am I doing anyways? I'm so boring!"

I love the new bracelet, the egg beads are so darling, and the center jewel is totally "wow!" Your socks look mighty cozy too!


Bella Sinclair said...

Oh my, what a a fabulous bracelet! So adorable. And WOW to your jasmine. It is going to smell heavenly, that's for sure. Look at all those buds. There must be hundreds of them! I'd love some pink socks like those, and that SIGN! Hahahaha, that's really great!

The Jeweled Postcard said...

Love your "eggy bunny" bracelet! So sweet for Spring and Easter!

Ketutar said...

I'm happy they are the perfect fit :-) From one bigfoot to another :-D

Ket (Sanna)

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