Friday, March 13, 2009

Cupcakes & Nature

Okay everyone, the Cupcake Giveaway from the previous post is still going strong in it's first of 4 weeks! The next giveaway will be shorter I promise since I've now learned that the first couple of days are when most contestants sign up...lesson learned. Next one will be a week or less.

So today I'm showing you some fun stuff going on in my neighborhood starting with a question:

"Y" did my cucumber have no seeds in its center??? Look at that first picture: I peeled the cuke and sliced it and there was this "y" cutout inplace of funny. I just had to take a photo it was so bizarre!

Speaking of bizarre, spring is SO out of whack this year. For heaven's sake, it started in January here in northern California! We barely had winter but plenty of rain so the

grassy hillsides are incredibly green. Never before have my husband's allergies kicked up in My daffodils were in full bloom in February...okay whatEVER. I'm just takin' it as it comes 'cuz I never KNOW when it's coming.

And now our usual spring birdies are back as well. For nearly 10 years, the bright red chested male house finches

start scamming our front yard's jasmine vines for nesting possibilities. I started hearing him and the female last week along with the Mourning Doves that always visit in spring. The doves love our side fence for its protection and yesterday they were preening there. They are so soft and pretty and I am mesmerized by their sweet eyes soft cooing.

Something I've never experienced before are house finch nesting wars! There was great commotion going on yesterday and when I peeked out the window to hopefully snap some photos I saw 2 mating pairs fighting each other, I assume for nesting rights in the bushy jasmine. The females were slamming into each other and then the pairs would take off on a chase, but I could still hear them continuing their fight throughout the neighborhood before returning to our yard...and doing it all over again...quite violent but really funny.

The star jasmine just began blooming this week. I so look forward to their deep and heady fragrance that is only released at night.

I'd love to hear the strange and early nature twists are YOU experiencing in your neighborhood.


suze said...

A cupcake blog? I must be in heaven. I will be back.

Hot Rocks said...

I am so jealous of your blooms! Still lots of snow on the ground here, but the days are getting longer and a bit warmer.

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

flowers, birds and cucumber, 3 of my fav things lol...and cupcakes top them all! Sarah x

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Hey! Thanks for that, I found you again lol, Im now following, Sarah x

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