Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Punkies and pinkies

Punkies are in season...that's what I call lampwork glass pumpkins. These earrings are up for sale at RockerJewlz on Etsy and feature Lezlie Belanger's torch work. The punkie set below is from Payton Jett that I'm working with right now. Check back to see what they become. The update from "My 1ooth post" on August 19th is that the bird jewelry mentioned is awaiting one final piece...a custom glass toggle clasp!

I love how the necklace turned has 3 glass birds in it and no silver so it just ripped my heart to add a sterling clasp. I used only stones and glass in the makeup so in a flash of brilliance from an artist, I am going to try a handmade glass toggle clasp that is soon on its way to me. I'll be sure to update you when I receive it and place it on its new home.

Visited Target store yesterday and the end caps feature pink goodies for breast cancer awareness. Whomever is heading marketing for this campaign has really stepped it up the past couple of years. I mean, when Dyson announced a pink vacuum cleaner, I thought how could anyone top THAT???

I need to replace my Brita water pitcher. Brita and
Vitapur each have pink, that would be wild, but I highly doubt it's appropriate in a household with me and 2 men!

So I might have to steer towards the pink garden tool set as I KNOW they won't be using them OR doing the gardening. Ha ha. Oh, I didn't say "Chihuly" yet today, so there you go. Gotta get those bloggers here, you know.

I'm getting bolder in ordering larger quantities of bead and component supplies. I just got a big batch of Bali sterling toggle clasps for all the cupcake beads that are being made for me so it feels good to trust that it's not just a big bill facing me, but greater sales.

So with that, I invite you to visit me at and for your jewelry viewing pleasure.

When next you return, my goal is to talk about Paris and Stoned Birds...did I get your attention?

1 comment:

Marianna said...

oh all that pink! I'm ganna have to zip off to Target!

Pumpkins are just so much fun aren't they? and that gorgeous set in the previous post turned out stunning!

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