Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life is a Sundae

Could life be any sweeter than this handmade glass ice cream sundae? Lezlie Belanger created this lush goody and I added some silver to create a pendant. I listed it, watched a movie, returned to the shop and it had sold! So I guess you could say that ice cream sundaes sell like hotcakes.

The detail is phenomenal and it is difficult for my mind to wrap around the truth that this is, in fact, NOT a real ice cream treat! I love the snazzy spacer at the bottom. It reminds me of the doily that is usually placed on the plate before a sundae is presented in an ice cream shoppe.

I better order more of these so that no one feels left out of wearing one for summer fun.

On the flip side, I finally made a necklace out of ZudaGay's awesome polymer clay piece seen here. The detail is so deep and rich. The texture reminds me of carved wood. I hand wound .999 fine silver around the suede leather cord and found a cool Bali clasp that also has that wound silver feature.

If still available, you can see it on my Etsy site along with other planned pendants & necklaces.

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