Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Going global

RockerJewlz has gone global!

Via Etsy, I just sold 4 pairs of cupcake earrings to a new customer located in first international order, how exciting! It's particularly fun because my mother's ancestors were from the northern Italian region of Genoa so I'm half Italian (other half Portuguese and possibly a touch of mutt).

I seem to be getting more jewelry sold now that Christmas is over...when we all expect customers to NOT make much for THAT idea!

I seem to not want to work lately. I've been wanting to disappear from everyday life through reading and watching films. I just finished reading, or I should say consuming, "The pillars of the earth" by Ken Follett. (thanks for the recommendation, Dad). I absolutely loved it. I didn't want to put it down and that doesn't often happen for me. There is a follow up book...still in medieval times, but 2 centuries later, called "World without end" so I may have to check it out to retain that lovely immersion into literature.

I can only think that my subconscious must need escape for some reason, although there is nothing looming or negative in my life right any ideas on that?

Oh, my toe is out of its protective shoe and almost back to normal. I haven't been able to take my regular walks yet but should be there soon.

On the jewelry front, nothing new at the moment. I am currently seeking inspiration. My main source for that is Vogue magazine so I need to pull out the latest issue and soak it up to get me moving.

Until then,


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Cakespy said...

Congrats on your first International order!! Check out too, you're featured!

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