Monday, April 30, 2007

A fresh start for Spring

I freshened my website to bring you bright colors, easier navigation and larger product photos. I had so much fun doing it all that I stayed up until sunrise...I couldn't stop after discovering all the nuances on my control panel.

Now, is there someone out there who doesn't like chocolate? I posted lots of new sweets...cupcake earrings, and amazing tulip sets. And wait until you see what Mickey and Minnie are doing!

So, go shopping and freshen up your wardrobe with chocolate, pastels and flowers. What more could a girl ask for? Come see it all at

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! These little cupcakes are cutie!! I have been seeing these pop up all over the place so you know I had to try them too!! I will throw them up on the site so you can see them.

Great work on the site.. I am diggin' reading you!!

All the best to you Jooolz!!


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