Friday, January 14, 2011

The Heart of Organization

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year! I never make resolutions in January because it's like just doesn't hold up. But I did find an interesting situation in that my brain just feels the need to declutter my house in a big way but like when you eat an elephant....(I don't know anyone that would actually DO that) but if they did, it's supposed to be done one bite at a time. (EARRINGS ABOVE ARE SOLD)

So, starting with shredding unnecessary papers from 2 filing cabinets, I am decluttering and reorganizing drawers which means I can then clear shelves which means I can then display items the way I want to instead of agonizing over finding a place to stuff them instead.

My other big goal is to repurpose stuff. For instance, I have an ugly industrial looking bottle of Amway's AMAZING L.O.C. cleaner next to my beautiful bottle filled with blue dishwashing liquid. Being on a tight budget, I repurposed my very cool Blu Italy sparkling water bottle as the L.O.C. container. So now I have 2 pretty blue bottles at my kitchen sink....check!

Believe it or not, part of my reorg is to empty my bead boxes of what I haven't used in at least a year...and would you believe the lampwork glass hearts above are only SOME of what I'm destashing? They are awesome and I didn't know at purchase time that I wouldn't feel like making jewelry in 2011 but am having more fun destashing. Over the next few days I will be listing more than a dozen spectacular beads, including these, in time for your jewelry designs for Valentine's Day.

Have fun shopping HERE. And I hope I've inspired SOMEone to find a little extra space in their place.

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