Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CheckerBoard Cupcakes

Can you believe this...a checkerboard cupcake! Those are actually black dots, but when the artist pressed in the "liner" grooves, it slightly squared the dots...and I love it!

And, good old Target had cupcake tissue paper in the dollar bins today! I've never seen this before so I was very happy but had to hold back from buying a ton of it since I use tissue paper about once a year. The pack has 15 sheets, 5 each of purple, white and cupcake. Wish they would have made the white a pink...I mean, how many people even WANT white tissue paper these days when there are such cool choices out there?

I hope you're not going too crazy over holiday prep. We are lucky enough to be going to my sister's home in Napa and she and her husband and father-in-law love making the turkey dinner for others, so I guess I might just be washing dishes this time around.

And I hope you are happy with what you have. None of us have everything we want. No matter what level we are financially, there is always something more to desire, so my goal is to enjoy what I have right NOW....and dream about and worked towards the rest.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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