Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cupcake Collection

I've been focusing on cupcakes for the past 3 years in my jewelry, but didn't really have cupcakes around me. So in 2009 I started acquiring whimsical cupcake items because...well, they just make me smile! First up is the sugar shaker I got online from The Weed Patch Store where you can find other fun cupcake goodies as well. It was only $4.99.

T.J. Maxx had the red cupcake with the heart on top, and the blue one with the peppermint candy handle was discovered at Kohl's in the housewares department on clearance for only 8 bucks.

They are all containers with lids and I just love them. I have one other container and a cupcake plate that I just found at Ross yesterday, but have no photos yet. It's funny how Valentine's Day is the time most stores have cupcake items. I wonder who thought of mixing the two? I love to mix them as you can see in some of my jewelry where the cupcakes have little hearts on them. There is just something sweetly special about combining the two.

And it makes me smile. Isn't that what life should be about? You betcha!

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