Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Decorating Delay

Hi Everyone. Sorry about the delay of the next Spring Special, but I have a good reason: redecorating for summer! I had sprayed weed killer on weeds that creeped up between our loose bricks like never before...they were EVERYwhere!

The killer worked but the weeds didn't fully disintegrate as I'd hoped. So my husband removed loose bricks by the dozens and pulled out every root...something I never would have bothered with! And now the yard looks huge because the "floor" space is clear. We also tossed alot of old items: lengths of wood, plastic planter pots, toys from when my 21 year old son was 3!!! Sheesh! I wanted to let go of those Tonka trucks years ago but he wasn't ready to part with them and now, gee, he's all grown up and let us toss those rusty things!

When we were all finished with rear and front yards, I pulled out my new chair pads I got on sale at Target. The chair seats are flexible and comfy but the back has a funny strip across the back that is NOT comfy but is now with these cushions. And we have a fresh, green canvas market umbrella to shade us from the sun.

Next is inviting our buddies over for cold beers....ahhhhh, refreshing.

I glimpsed my first grasshopper this season....seemed so cute from afar but now that I see the photo he looks like a creepy fish out of water or maybe a dinosaur!

I'll be back soon with a sweet jewelry piece for you...hang in there with me and I'd love to hear and see YOUR latest cleanup projects. I love to re-organize and get tips on it from you all.


Jennie said...

Hi! I'm so glad you popped by my blog :)

That grasshopper does look creepy, lol.

I've been doing lots of reorganizing myself...I have a 3 year old, and am realizing we have accumulated lots of junk in the last 3 years. Coincidence? I think not.

It's probably going to take me as long to get rid of it as it took to collect it, so I suspect I will be clearing out the toys when she is 21 also. Hard to believe that day will come, but I guess it does, huh?

Bauter Babble said...

Hey Julie! LOVE your backyard!! We have been looking for a little table and 2 chairs like that! Guess were we'll be going tonight--TARGET!!! Looks darling back there! You guys did a really nice job; what a nice little retreat you now have! Oh, and make some grasshopper appetizers! YUM!

Finger healing nicely, thank you! No bandaid today; trying to give it some air!

Take care!

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