Friday, April 17, 2009

Read all about it in Black & White

Why, what's this??? A new pretty for you to gaze at and wonder about while I'm out of town for the weekend...didn't want you visiting without seeing something new that I'm working on. It's pretty, it's creamy smooth and it's amazing. I'll let you know next week what the heck I'm doing with it!

Be sure to get your Cupcake jewelry for 20% off this weekend through Sunday night, April 19, midnight, Pacific time HERE at RockerJewlz's Etsy shop.

So I told you I'm headed to my niece's wedding this weekend. Her mommy asked me to help out by picking up the wedding bouquet a couple of hours before the fun will it be to deliver those in person to my niece while she's getting ready with her wedding party?? What a hyper gab fest THAT will be! Tomorrow night is the rehearsal, then pizza for everyone so you KNOW I'm crashing that party. The wedding...very traditional and with a theme of black & white, very crisp.

Bride and groom are in the Navy, she in California and he in Virginia. He's requested a transfer to the west coast to be toGETHer with his wife, so who knows how long the red tape will take. They didn't want to wait to be that's love.

My son is the best man and it will be lovely to see his handsome self in his tux once again which we bought for his 4 years in the high school wind symphony. He is 21 now so it's been a long time and he's a man in a tux, not a boy. A whole new experience for mom here. The tux still fits since he's remained wonderfully slender.

Okay, I'm off, now get to your cupcake shopping!

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michele said...

When you know you've found the right person, why wait. They're lucky to have found each other. By the way, love the polymer clay cupcake beads. Very pretty & unusual.

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