Monday, February 2, 2009

Against Nature

Okay, this is how crazy it is to have spring weather in daffodil bulbs are blooming for heavens sake!

It's so bizarre! I didn't even know it was happening since I don't use my back terrace much these days. I heard a murder of crows out back and went to see what was up...but they were just landing in some nearby eucalyptus trees...and taking off...and cawing loudly...over and over and over.

Guess they were just having fun?
Anyway, to get a good look at them I had to go to the corner of my yard near my rock fountain...and that's when I saw the daffodils...gasp! I just couldn't believe it. I mean, this unseasonal weather is weird enough, but it's fooling flowers into blooming! Wow.

To top it off, in my FRONT yard I was tossing some recyclables into the can...and there was this ladybug crawling on my tiki torch. Now if THAT isn't a sign of spring, I don't know what is.

He did not like my picture taking though, he kept moving back and forth with each click. Out of 7 photo's, this was the only one that didn't blur...hahaha, funny.

I'll finish with a snowy egret. These are common around here, although I have to drive a few minutes to get to open country or one of the 2 wildlife reserves.

I just love these birds...pure white and so elegant. I enjoy the prepping they must do in order to fly by making a deep crouch while opening their wings. Really pretty.

Okay, enjoy my sunshine coming your way no matter where you are. Don't let it frustrate you if you are impeded by snow. We've been heading toward drought levels for 3 years now and there is talk of water rationing next year and have been asked that in order to keep that from occurring we all try to cut water use by 10%.

Things are NOT always beautiful in California when the weather appears to be so!

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Kathy said...

I would give just about anything for daffodils, ladybugs and egrets right now! I live in Illinois...feel sorry for me please!

Egrets are one of my favorites and herons too!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It made me laugh!!

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