Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meditations on a Crisis Okay, I said the words and that's all I'll say. I know we are all tired of hearing those words. The price of gas is down and who ever thought we'd say "whew! A gallon of gas is below $3, thank goodness!"

It's more intense than Sept. 11th since this is touching me directly. 2 family members lost jobs over it and another has to delay retirement plans since they were based on building a realty business.

It's interesting that a new cupcake shop that opened recently claims a booming business as customers grab for anything that makes them feel oh, so good. Well, that's my goal today, to distract you with some fantasy and a little art. Get away from it all and just enjoy fun & beauty.

First up are 2 of 3 stickers I punched this week using an official Disney punch set I found. Nice big shapes: a castle, a Cinderella slipper and a little crown. You can see a big 75 piece set at

I used my favorite set of pink, black & white papers I like to call "Paris". You'll find harlequin, polka dot, plaid & solid patterns to make you smile.

Next up are my renderings of a custom request for a lampwork glass hot air balloon. Payton Jett asked me to draw my fantasy balloon to use as a pattern when working with her glass. We discussed color and style since getting the black points to NOT run into the yellow balloon was the biggest challenge.

I love that Payton likes to challenge herself with new ideas. I have displayed for you the black & white drawing that I then colored for her...followed by the finished product. How awesome is that???

I mean, she got it on! And this is just for me to wear...but if you'd like one, let me know and we can get the ball rolling for you. If you can dream it, it will come!

Come see the Jack Skellington Payton designed that I turned into a necklace at I still have plenty of pumpkin/holiday jewelry left as well.

I hope you enjoyed this foray into my little fantasy world. Now I'm off to enjoy the most amazing autumn weather we have ever had here in the S.F. bay area. It's like the summer we didn't get this year: warm sunshine with cool breezes. Yum!


Anonymous said...

Money sucks! Yes. Glass does rock though :D Love the hot air balloon!

And, I'm taggin' ya!

Donna Gotlib said...

Oh, I love your glass cupcake! It's wonderful!!!

Donna Gotlib said...

It looks like a glass cupcake to me!!!!

RockerJewlz said...

Cookie, I hadn't thought about it looking like a cupcake...I was trying to NOT make it look like a light bulb!

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