Sunday, March 30, 2008

Napa destash

I'm back in Napa visiting my godson's family. Gosh, he's so cute!

I'm in a country house on a knoll surrounded by a small vineyard and 8 huge oak trees. I heard wild turkey gobbling in the area yesterday but haven't seen wild animals other than several varieties of birds.

The sun is just rising and the air is still with a bit of coastal fog hovering in the distance. I love it up here. It's only a little over an hour's drive from the bay area so it's like a resort for me.
I'm finishing up a consignment order for a Manhattan hair salon this week and then focusing on posting spring jewelry on Etsy and

I will be adding a destash category to my Etsy shop as well, starting with a bunch of beads by Donna Mehnert of Blackberry Beads, so check back for that in about a week.



Marianna said...

Sounds like your having a great time! Sounds gorgeous I hope you'll post some pics :)


RockerJewlz said...

You asked for it, so I'll provide pics.

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