Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cupcake Confetti

Have you EVER hunted for cupcake confetti?????
I couldn't find what I wanted, so now I'm punching it by hand and selling it on Etsy.

It's pretty much extinct...if it ever existed in the first place...other than the wimpy mylar ones from the party shop and food confetti sprinkled atop real cupcakes.

I just know that some of you have been looking for it too...well, here it is!

The paper confetti is cut from good, thick cardstock in your choice of 12 soft pastel colors. I selected this thickness of paper so the cut would be crisp and the confetti wouldn't crumple..even the little cherry stem is quite safe.

Visit my Etsy shop for more details:

It's fun to make the world a better place when you can.

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