Thursday, October 18, 2007

Best business day ever

I just had the best business day ever so far yesterday.

It was full of marvelous surprises all day long and provided a wonderful energy...not hyper, just smooth and steady to keep me working into the night. So that inspiration I was looking for in my previous blog? It came along big time!

I had the joy of snatching a few hours of being featured on the famous cupcake blog "Cupcakes take the cake" which brought some business my way. I also learned that somewhere in the glass bead world RockerJewlz is becoming synonymous with cupcakes.

So I'm getting to where I want to be and loving it.

Four to five days a week I post a new piece of jewelry on my Etsy site, Be sure to stop by there as well as since they don't share the same jewelry designs.

It's fun because you can shop according to mood...either an exciting public site at Etsy or a more intimate experience shopping with just me. They both feature Paypal, so whichever mood you are in, I've got you covered.

I DO have elegant pumpkin earrings on both sites. No corn ball designs here...these are exquisite!

See you soon,


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