Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ever changing

I feel a change coming on. The artist deep within me is growling to be released and is slowly rising to the surface.

I need to slip out of stagnancy and design what my heart and soul guide me to create. Through the suggestion of a dear friend, I've returned to sketching my ideas.

I haven't sketched in over two decades and when revisiting past work, was pleasantly surprised at my talent such as the ink dot piece you see here. I also ordered a smooth drawing pad to use with colored pencils.

I expect my jewelry designs to slowly become more elaborate and uniquely RockerJewlz in style. I've been producing what I call "safe" designs the past year with small sales to very happy customers.

Now I want to reach the jewelry lovers I originally dreamed of...those with a little more flash, flair and style while still maintaining my current loyal fans.

Stay with me on my journey.

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