Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Get movin'

These "lantern" beads by GemFox really do seem to glow! They will be lovely little earrings... perhaps.

I've got to get moving as I have two custom orders to finish and a store order to fill for autumn...which is next month.

It's hard to do any work since my husband is home on vacation this week.

Am I the only one or do some of you need total control of your environment when working with beads or jewelry?

I find I go nuts if someone walks in the room or changes anything about my working environment. I get too easily distracted and thrown off course. What a drag. But the trade off this week is that I get lots of kisses and "you sure are pretty" comments tossed my way so it's worth the wait. For ME, anyway, not my customers.

So, gotta get movin' and back on track to prepare holiday pieces. I'm pretty much skipping autumn jewelry to give me more time to focus on holiday stuff. I'm nearing the end of my first year at this and finally getting the routine of how far ahead I have to plan and make jewelry for a particular season. That took a long time to get used to.

Until next posting,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I SO am one of those people. Marci has been off for going on three months now and I literally go nuts when she comes into the studio! LOL Its awesome that you have been able to spend some good time with your hubby.

Love the tribal beads you are working on.

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