Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost in Fruity Goodness

Man, I had the best berries today...strawberries, and super plump raspberries and blackberries that were huge. I also got more watermelon beads, but this time, instead of cupcakes, they are in a bicone shape and just marvelous. Nikki from Bastille Bleu is the glass artisan and aren't they sweet!

My first attempt at working with them is to see how they mix with my watermelon cupcake beads from Candice Mathewson in a bracelet...can you say "slurp?" I'll let you know how they turn out.

And now for the finale of "Lost"...I'm not giving anything away here because I know some of you still need to watch it. I have to say that it satisfied me enough to make me smile amidst all the sweet tears it also produced. I am raving mad, though, that two important lines were completely incomprehensible! Kate and Juliet both made a one line statement that I couldn't understand no matter how many times I replayed it. Kate said something to Desmond and Juliet to Sawyer and I am completely in the dark on both...can anyone clarify? Kate's was super important, I know that for certain based on Desmond's question.

For the first time ever, Jack cried and Jack smiled and I've been waiting to see both for a long time...ahhhhh, vulnerability in Jack...gee, what a concept. And wasn't it lovely to see everyone CLEAN for a good portion of the show??? heehee.


Silver Parrot said...

I just love Bastille Bleu's beads - can't wait to see what you do with them!

Pretty Things said...

It's hard not to lick the screen!

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