Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Casino Chic

Yay, a non cupcake item! I'm sure you are just as happy to see something fresh and new.

I was awed by these beads and just had to have them. I've seen beads with dots, but these raised dots add a marvelous depth, especially the transparent red ones. These made a spectacular bracelet. Can you imagine blowing other casino goers minds with this piece? Or wearing it with a red, white or little black dress at a Vegas show?

What I like most is the dark red glass. It's not a primary's deep with almost a brownish tone that keeps it deep rather than bright. A nice chunky piece that is a blast to wear. More details and photos are

1 comment:

Silver Parrot said...

LOVE those beads! And you did an awesome job on the bracelet!

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