Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dream Beads

Remember when I told you I had dreamed of beads a couple of nights in a row in THIS post? Well, these are the beads that started it all. I dreamt one night of this color combination...aqua, white & black. The NEXT DAY I happened to visit Jena Fulcher's site and these beads had just been posted that day! I just couldn't believe and knew that I had to buy them.

What's funny is that when I sat down to play with them, adding black beads made these look to heavy....cream beads took away the spotlight and this green is so unique I had no other green to match them or enhance them properly.

So, completely befuddled, I even tried Kerry Bogert's method of blending colors in THIS post and got a little lost. So for now, I've set these beads aside and will try Kerry's method again in the future. Meanwhile I am just amazed by the simplicity of these beads and the fact that just adding those black strips completely changed them and turned them into little life preserver beads. Hmmmm, now there is something to build on: a nautical theme.

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