Monday, May 17, 2010

Cupcake in Black & White

Happy Monday, Everyone. I found a new supplier of cupcakes in lampwork glass. This artisan creates a fuller cupcake portion so you have nearly double the glass found in the smaller cupcakes in my shop. So if you want to make a big statement, this is the size for you! First off, a crisp, clean black & white bead with fabulous ruffled edges that look like ribbon. Sitting on a little Czech glass bead, flanked by clear Swarovski crystals and suspended from a marvelous Bali sterling heart bail, this cupcake is really pretty. You can read more details and see more photos HERE.

And now for the wild and wonderful. (I'm really putting myself "out there" by showing you this piece, so please be kind!) I took another black & white cupcake and pulled out some spectacular large beads I have in the same colors. I was just in a mood to see what I could do with these larger cupcakes beyond the usual fare, so I grabbed some wire and just played. I normally don't play with beads. I typically work when I have an idea, but this time I made myself sit down and just handle the beads and dig through the box until something inspired me.

And oh, did these beads inspire me! I really like how this little cupcake tower turned out. It's big and bold and some will say crazy, I'm sure, but I like it and that's what counts. Lesson: I learned that I could have used a thicker gauge of wire to keep the tower in better alignment, but I think if I wrap some coiled wire over the existing wire I can overcome that situation.

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